About us

About us

It may sound strange that the initial source of my involvement with the Scottish art scene was the birth of our first child, Judith. Judith was born with Down’s  Syndrome, along with other heath issues, which meant around the clock care and frequent hospital visits.  I had to leave my job as Judith demanded all our care and attention. Fortunately, at that time the government were paying £40 per week to anyone starting a new business, and I decided to turn one of my hobbies, ‘Picture Framing’ into a business. That way I could work while supporting Judith.  In the beginning my business was small and customers were mostly local artists from Glasgow. However, as the business grew, I added an Art Gallery to the framing shop and began to bring in artwork from all over Scotland, and from abroad as well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              It wasn’t long before Interdec Gallery began to shape its own brand. It quickly earned the recognition of being the first African owned art gallery in Glasgow. And not surprising, the gallery began to receive attention and curiosity from the media.   Interdec Gallery lasted nearly 12 years before I had to let it go, following a spinal surgery which left me with mobility and dexterity impairments.

Once again I had to adapt to circumstances and switched my focus to developing a small Scottish art website (Scottish Art Circle).  Now, I am looking to bring together the most comprehensive collection of Scottish Artists, Galleries, Art Clubs and Art Groups on the net.  I want to create an online hub of activity – a virtual Scottish art scene for living Artists, Galleries and Art Groups to showcase themselves and gain the much needed exposure for their works and services.
With this in mind, if you are an artist in Scotland, a gallery owner or an art group official and you are looking to showcase yourself, we want to hear from you soon.  I feel even more excited about this project than I did way back when I first started my picture framing business. Explore my new website. It’s all about making connections. So please join me, and leave a comment about the site on Facebook and Twitter.




The Guitar legend Jimmy Hendrix by Dominika Zurawska https://t.co/F0zMdXNUY5 ScottArtConnect photo