Dates: 18 Nov 2017 – 23 Dec 2017
Preview: Saturday 18 November, 1pm-3pm
Location: Project Ability, 1st Floor, Trongate 103, Glasgow G1 5HD
Admission: Free


his year’s annual Christmas show takes a close look at the land we call home, Scotland! We’ve asked the artists working at Project Ability to think creatively about the idea of the landscape. Scotland is world renowned for its wild beauty and nature. It is not concerned with being ‘user friendly’and makes no apologies for its wet, windy and wild climate. It is in many ways what keeps the Scottish highlands and countryside so lush and green.

This year we celebrate the land beneath our feet. Each artist has chosen some piece of the Scottish landscape that they have connected with. For some it has evoked memories of childhood holidays, for others it is their regular walking trips or mountain hikes. We’ve got street scenes, monuments, scenic views of seaside towns… and some of Scotland’s most adorable and unique wildlife too!

Scotland: The Land Beneath Our Feet is an inclusive exhibition for artists with different lived experience and ability to come together to celebrate diversity, creativity and the Scottish landscape. The holiday season is a great time of year to show your support for the work we do by admiring and/or purchasing truly unique artworks for your friends and family. We support the artistic adventures and aspirations of children and young people with disabilities, people with mental ill-health and people with learning disabilities.

In addition to the Christmas exhibition, our gallery shop will be packed with unique and affordable gift ideas; including bags, cards, paintings, prints, sculptures, brooches and lots more!

The work purchased will be available to pick up in the last week of the show, from Monday 18th December. 

Project Ability’s exhibition programme is supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
Please join us for a preview on Saturday, 18 November, 1-3pm.
Late opening: Thursday 07 December, 6pm-8pm
Exhibition runs 18 November – 23rd December


Exhibiting Artists

Andrew Boyle
Andrew Crosbie
Anna Campbell
Anna Russell
Anne McCraken
AodhanMcGrory                                    AlanStraiton                                           Alan Williams
Ballari Conner
Cameron Morgan
Carol Lee
Carole Ann Farrell
Celine Mcilmunn
Daniel Donnelly
David Baird
David Bradley
Dibby Sim
Edward Corbett
Edward Henry
Eileen Davie

Fiona Donald
Gary Turner
George Williamson
Gerard Gallagher
Greg Coultas
Harris Burnett
Ian Bruin
Jacqui Smyth
Jan Thomson
Jim Graham
John Cocozza
John McNaught
Jonathan McKinstry
JR Ewen
Katy Barton
Kirsty MacFarlane
Kyle Morrison
Margaret Booth
Mary T Clements
Mhairi MacDonald

Michael McMullen
Obi Oguguo
Owen Scullion
Paul Connelly
Paul Rankin
Pauline Jackson
Peter Christie
Peter Johnston
Peter Stewart
Ralph Douglas
Rita Currens
Robert Cornish
Ronald McCulloch
Ronnie Stokesley
Scott Smith
Sian Mathers
Steven Reilly
Struan Robb
Tommy Kemp
Tommy Mason
William Docherty
Ziggy Deville


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